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Reinventing DJ Software. Again.

djay Pro 2 is the next generation of Algoriddim’s multiple award-winning DJ software. Its unique, modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with your music library, giving you instant access to your favorite music. Pristine sound quality and a powerful set of features including high-definition waveforms, four decks, audio effects, video mixing and hardware integration give you endless creative flexibility to take your sets to new heights.

New Media Library

All your media in one place

New in djay Pro 2 is an advanced library management system that is built around a sophisticated integration with your music library, Videos, Photos, and the file system. djay Pro 2 now also offers its own playlists that make music management easier than ever.

djay Pro 2 Library

My Library Created with Sketch.

djay Pro 2 introduces powerful library editing features that make music management easier than ever. Create your own custom playlists using songs from iTunes and the file system.

Split Mode Created with Sketch.

In library split mode you can view your songs from iTunes and Finder side by side. This allows you to manage songs from multiple sources in parallel and with unprecedented efficiency and flexibility.

Smart Filters and Playlists Created with Sketch.

To help you organize playlists and quickly locate songs, djay Pro 2 includes a powerful Smart Filter. With 12 different criteria, you can create rules that display exactly what you need, either to create permanent playlists, or to temporarily find a specific song.

Single Deck Mode Created with Sketch.

In this powerful track preparation view you are presented with an even bigger library and a large single deck view, ideal for preparing cue points, loops, and beat grids.

djay Pro - Library
djay Pro - Library
djay Pro - Library

Automix AI Created with Sketch.

Automatic DJ mixes based on artificial intelligence

Lean back and automate your sets in advance with stunning transitions. Using machine learning and training sets from human DJs, Automix AI intelligently identifies rhythmic patterns and the best intro and outro sections of songs. Automix AI calculates optimal fade durations and automatically applies parameter changes to EQs and filters for a seamless transition.

djay PRO 2 Auto Mix
djay PRO 2 Auto Mix

PhotoBeat Created with Sketch.

Mix photos in perfect sync with the music

djay Pro 2 introduces PhotoBeat™ unifying music and photos in a first-of-its-kind way. You can simply drag an album or a selection of photos onto the visual decks and djay Pro 2 instantly creates a perfectly beat-matched slideshow based on the music that is playing. You can also apply effects to your photos in just the same way as video, as well project the visual output via an external monitor through HDMI or AirPlay.

100% Mac. 100% Pro.

Turntables. Waveforms. Four Decks. Sampler.

At the heart djay Pro is an innovative DJ Software with a modern user interface that provides flexible layers of functionality alongside a powerful music library into a single window interface. It combines djay’s Apple Design Award winning turntable view that renders true record grooves on the virtual vinyl with more advanced modes including horizontal and vertical colored waveforms, live sampler and drum pads, FX racks, as well as a powerful four deck view that allows DJs to play, mix and synchronize up to four tracks simultaneously.

Saved Loops and Cue Points Created with Sketch.

djay Pro 2 allows you to save up to 8 loops and cue points. You can now also assign names to all your saved loops and cue points.

New Audio Engine Created with Sketch.

djay Pro 2 offers ultra-low latency, better speed and accuracy with track analysis and the creation of the highest resolution waveforms. Effects, EQs, filters and loops all benefit from major quality enhancements. djay Pro never sounded better!

Post-fader FX Created with Sketch.

Audio effects have been significantly improved in djay Pro 2. Effects can now be assigned post fader so that closing a fader no longer means shutting off effects tails.

Keyboard Shortcut Editor Created with Sketch.

djay Pro 2 includes a full keyboard editor which allows you to assign any feature in djay Pro 2 to a custom keyboard shortcut. This is especially useful if you work with a laptop and want to add frequently used features to your setup via the keyboard.

Music. Photos. Videos.

Transitions, Visuals, FX, Titles. Real-time and fully integrated.

The video mode in djay Pro allows you to mix photos and videos live and apply stunning audio reactive visualizers to your songs, perfectly synchronized to the music.

Mix Photos in sync with the beat
Mix Photos in sync with the beat
Support for 4k videos
Support for 4k videos
60 frames per second graphics rendering
60 frames per second graphics rendering
AirPlay Integration
AirPlay Integration
djay Pro audio video

Transitions Created with Sketch.

Mix videos using a variety of visual transitions including Blend, Luma, Cube, Swap, Grid, Mosaic, and Push. You can also enable Split Mode which allows you to crossfader audio and video independently.

Title & image overlays

djay Pro gives you the ability to overlay your videos with text titles and images. You can use any font installed on your Mac, and pick the colour, opacity and location for the title.

A/V Recording

In addition to its extensive video mixing capabilities, djay Pro gives you the ability to record your sets including all audio, video, overlays and effects.

Visual FX

djay Pro comes with a host of high quality visual effects which can be chained to offer a large amount of audio and video creativity. Effects include Grid EQ, Kaleidoscope, Circle Splash, RGB Offset, Edges, Invert, Tiles, Splash, Ripples, and Radial Blur.

Visualizers Created with Sketch.

Apply stunning audio reactive visualizers to your songs, perfectly synchronized to the music. The motion graphics are generated in real-time based on the parameters (such as tempo, beats, frequency) of the currently playing track.

External display

From monitors and TVs to projectors, djay pro has the ability to output HD video. So with the right connectors, you can output from your DJ software directly via HDMI, Thunderbolt, to DVI devices, or via Airplay.

Paricles Triangle

Particles Triangle



Vertical EQ

Vertical EQ



Rotating Shape

Rotating Shape

djay Pro Windows Hardware

Hardware Integration

Native support for over 50 MIDI controllers

djay Pro seamlessly integrates with professional DJ hardware
from our official partners Pioneer DJ, Numark, and Reloop.



Preview and prepare the next song through headphones: By enabling djay Pro’s Split Output mode or by using an external audio interface you can cue songs through headphones independently from the mix that goes through the main speakers for live DJing.

MIDI Control

MIDI Control

djay Pro integrates seamlessly with existing professional DJ hardware. In addition to supporting over 50 MIDI controllers by Pioneer, Numark, Reloop, and other manufacturers out of the box, djay Pro also includes an advanced MIDI Learn system. It enables you to map each hardware control on your device to individual actions in djay Pro and customize your setup to match your style and performance needs.

Multi-channel audio interfaces

Multi-channel audio interfaces Created with Sketch.

djay Pro offers native support for USB audio interfaces, allowing you to preview your mix through headphones while delivering pristine sound quality through the main output.

Plug & Play Setup

Plug & Play Setup

Any of our supported hardware accessories for djay Pro work plug-and-play out of the box. This allows you to effortlessly setup your preferred DJ system.

CDJ Integration

Officially certified by Pioneer DJ



You can browse your library right from your CDJ. djay Pro also shows you full song information right on the display of the CDJ including waveforms, cue points, BPM, time, and other meta data.


Link up to 4 CDJs

djay Pro’s guided plug & play setup allows you to easily and efficiently integrate the DJ software with up to 4 CDJs. Its instant audio configuration also allows for staged takeover from the previous DJ.
Learn More

Pioneer CDJ
djay handbook

djay Pro for Mac Handbook

This handbook guides you through djay Pro for Mac. It includes a quick start guide to get you up to speed quickly, covers all the core features and gives an in depth look at the advanced tools of djay Pro.

Download Handbook

Tech specs

Technical specifications of your DJ software

Powerful DJ Interface

  • Turntables
  • Waveforms
  • Four decks
  • Video mode with photos integration
  • Single Deck view: prepare your tracks and library
  • Automix view
  • Modular design with customizable tools, sampler and FX configurations

Music Library

  • Seamless iTunes integration
  • "My Library" section to create your own playlists
  • Create smart playlists with tracks from iTunes and the file system
  • Powerful track filtering: filter any playlist by BPM, key, and other attributes
  • Split mode: show two library sources side by side
  • Instant preview
  • Inline search
  • Expanded mode


  • Live sampling and preset editing
  • Pre-bundled content by Loopmasters
  • Pre-bundled scratch samples by DJ Qbert


  • AAC / WAV
  • iTunes export

Automix AI

  • Automatic, beat-matched mixes based on artificial intelligence
  • Queue and Playlist automation
  • Automatic transitions


  • Mix photos in perfect sync with the beat
  • Beat-matched automatic photo slide shows
  • Adjustable frequency of photos per beat
  • Image effects

Advanced DJ Tools

  • Sync
  • Cue Points
  • Looping
  • Saved loops
  • Skipping
  • Scrubbing
  • Slip Mode
  • Beat grid editing

Audio FX

  • Over 30 state-of-the-art audio effects powered by Sugar Bytes (available via In-App Purchase)
  • Up to three chain-able audio effects per deck
  • XY-Pad and Instant FX
  • Post-fader FX
  • Master output effects via Audio Unit plug-ins

Audio Processing

  • Advanced time-stretching (up to ±75%)
  • Pitch shifting (up to ±1 octave)
  • Audio mixing with adjustable crossfader curves
  • EQ, panning, and highpass/lowpass filtering
  • Audio Limiter

Audio Analysis

  • BPM and beat detection
  • Flexible beat grids with support for dynamic tempo
  • Frequency-based colored waveforms
  • Key detection
  • Auto-gain / Normalize
  • Multi-core batch analysis

Video Integration

  • Video library with pre-bundled content
  • Video mixing and scratching
  • Transitions
  • Music Visualizers
  • Visual FX
  • Title & image overlays
  • A/V recording

Hardware Integration

Pioneer CDJ/XDJ Integration

  • Native support for Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus, CDJ-900nexus, and XDJ-1000
  • Guided plug & play setup
  • Full hardware control including slip mode, scratching, pitch bending, looping, cueing, master tempo
  • Media library navigation including waveforms and cue point display on the CDJ/XDJ screens
  • Connect up to 4 CDJs/XDJs

Built for macOS

  • Support for Touch Bar
  • Native 64-bit application
  • 60 frames per second graphics engine
  • Optimized for MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  • Optimized for iMac with Retina 5K Display
  • Multi-core analysis
    (up to 24 processing threads on 12-core Mac Pro)
  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts
  • Multi-touch trackpad control
  • iCloud integration: syncs cue points, grid edits and meta data with iOS versions of djay

djay Pro is compatible with any Mac running macOS 10.11 or later.

To use songs from iCloud in djay Pro, please download them first via iTunes. DRM-protected songs are not supported.

Uses [aufTAKT] V3, S.R.C. V1, fx::pack V1, [tONaRT] V2, élastique efficient V2, Metering V2 by zplane.development.

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