Algoriddim NeuralMix NeuralMix

Real-Time Music Source Separation

Neural Mix™ is a revolutionary technology to deconstruct and mix music in real-time. Instantly isolate beats, instruments, and vocals based on cutting-edge AI.

The Evolution of Music Technology

Analog Era


Analog Era

Digital Era


Digital Era

NeuralMix 2020


Algoriddim NeuralMix

From the analog to the digital age, DJ technology has seen numerous transformations which had a profound impact on music styles and genres as a whole. Neural Mix™ is a major paradigm shift. Inspired by the auditory system of the human brain, it changes the way we conceive and mix music. It allows artists of all skill levels to experience and interact with music at an unprecedented depth.

Neural Mix™ in our apps

NeuralMix PRO

Algoriddim NeuralMix

Isolate beats, instruments, and vocals in real-time. Extract the instrumental and acappella of any song for use in your favorite music production or DJ software.

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Algoriddim djay for iOS

djay PRO AI for Mac and iOS

djay, winner of multiple Apple Design Awards, is the #1 DJ app for Mac and iOS. Available as a free download on the App Store, this DJ app provides everything you need to get started with DJing.

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djay PRO AI

djay Pro AI

Remixing Reinvented

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Remixing Reinvented
AI Waveforms

AI Waveforms

djay Pro AI shows individual Neural Mix™ waveforms for beats, instruments, and vocal components per track. As the Neural Mix™ sliders are adjusted the waveform colors and amplitudes are recomputed in real-time.

Isolate vocals, drums, and instrumentals

Isolate beats, instruments, and vocals

You can now isolate, play, and remix singular elements from streamed and local tracks in real-time, allowing you to blur genres and redefine your style.

Machine Learning and AI

Core ML and the Apple A12Z Bionic

Harnessing the power of Apple’s Bionic chip for human brain-like processing of sound, Neural Mix™ redefines what is possible with mobile technology, music, and AI.

Patent Pending

Neural Mix™ is the world’s first real-time AI system for DJs. The Neural Mix™ technologies for playback, live decomposition, mixing, and visualization are covered by multiple pending patents in the US and other countries.

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